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The Eurasier -- Breed Description

The Eurasier is a German breed, of Spitz type, that began in 1960 with the crossing of a German Wolfspitz female with a Chow Chow male. The Breed Founder, Julius Wipfel was seeking to create a medium sized dog breed that could be a very versatile family companion, with a unique set of personality characteristics, steady temperament, be of Polar dog type and exist in many beautiful colors. In 1972, the Samoyed was bred into the Wolf-chows and the new breed's name became Eurasier in 1973. The Eurasier was recognized by the FCI in 1973 and by the CKC in 1995. In August of 2010, the 1st National Eurasier Specialty was held in MacArras Brook, Nova Scotia. The Eurasier celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2010 with celebrations being held all over the world.

The Eurasier is a proud, athletic, affectionate and loyal family companion dog. They can be independent, think for themselves at times, and determined. Eurasiers are a very intuitive and discerning breed. Often accurately sensing their owner's mood and reacting accordingly, or knowing when to be extra gentle (such as with a child, or senior), and many tend to check new people out before befriending them. They love a hike, run on the beach, or interesting walk in the woods; but are also happily content at home resting at your feet. As a breed the Eurasier is very versatile. They are equally able to make a farm or apartment home, as long as they get their daily walks. This breed can enjoy Agility, Obedience and Showing and a number are wonderful Therapy dogs as well. Eurasiers enjoy the company of other dogs and usually get along well with other household pets. These dogs were bred to be true companions, and therefore are happiest and develop their personalities most fully when allowed to be with you as much as possible.

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EverEndeavor Eurasiers breeds CKC registered Eurasier puppies from health tested parents. Canadian dogs have OFA certification. German dogs are fully health tested in Germany.

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